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Toolbar Settings


Since version, Settings are typed, this guide is still relevant, but syntax might vary.


Setting is a core part of Toolbars, Setting can be a simple CheckBox or a complex Color Picker. Every setting consist of:

  • Name - A unique id, that allows identifying the setting and share values between toolbars.
  • Value - A result value of the setting.
  • SettingControl - UI part of Setting, a WPF Control.
  • Label (optional) - Label for Setting, appears on the left from the control

Pre-made Settings#

Here is a list of some of the pre-built settings ready to use, for a full list, check out source code

  • BoolSetting - Boolean Checkbox
  • ColorSetting - Pop-up(Portable) color picker
  • DropdownSetting - ComboBox with array of string values
  • FloatSetting - A TextBox that accepts floating precision values
  • SizeSetting - A TextBox that accepts integers (Size in pixels), adds "px" at the end of edit (Value is still integer)

Creating existing Setting#

Setting setting = new DropdownSetting("Mode", new[] {"New", "Add", "Subtract"}, "Selection type"); //"Mode" is a name (ID), array is a list of values for
//DropdownSetting, "Selection type" is a label.

You can add setting to Toolbar as described in this guide and it will be ready to use.

Creating a new Setting#

Creating a Setting is not a hard task, but can be tricky sometimes.

Let's get a simple example from source code.

public class ColorSetting : Setting
public ColorSetting(string name, string label = "") : base(name)
Label = label;
SettingControl = GenerateColorPicker();
Value = Color.FromArgb(0, 0, 0, 0);
private PortableColorPicker GenerateColorPicker()
PortableColorPicker picker = new PortableColorPicker();
Binding binding = new Binding("Value")
Mode = BindingMode.TwoWay
picker.SetBinding(PortableColorPicker.SelectedColorProperty, binding);
return picker;

As you can see, a Setting requires Name as a parameter. It's good to pass a label as an optional one. We are providing transparent color as a default Value and generating PortableColorPicker.

The tricky part is in generating Control since you must bind correct values.

In this example, we are binding "Value" (the Setting property) to the PortableColorPicker SelectedColorProperty. Usually, the principle is the same for most controls, but sometimes you might want to bind more things, check out other source code files for more reference.


The settings are a very comfortable way for easily setting up the tool values, Toolbar system takes care of getting the values and managing them. Building a Setting is easy but requires a bit of setup.