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PixiEditor Privacy Policy

Crash reports

In an event of a crash, a report containing diagnostic data will be automatically sent to us. The report includes:

  • The version of PixiEditor you are running
  • Date and time when PixiEditor crashed
  • Your operating system
  • Your hardware, including info about your CPU, GPU and RAM
  • A stack trace, which is a location in the PixiEditor code where the error happened. It contains no personal data.
  • An error message, which may include textual data related to the files currently opened in the app, or related to actions done in the app prior to the crash. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • The filenames and full paths (including your Windows username) of the currently opened files
    • Text that you've previous entered in the app
    • The name of currently selected layer

All images created or opened in PixiEditor stay on your machine and are never sent anywhere.

Discord Rich Presence

PixiEditor supports Discord Rich Presence API. This means, your status is publically displayed on your discord profile while using PixiEditor. By default this option is enabled.

Default PixiEditor Rich Presence publically shares information about:

  • Document size
  • Layers count
  • Time elapsed

All of the options can be disabled in the settings as well as Rich Presence itself.

Another thing PixiEditor uses internet access for, is to check updates. You can disable that option as well.