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A beautiful, lightweight pixel-art editor packed in an eye-friendly dark theme.

Program screenshot
Open source
Easy to use
Create, edit and organize layers
We think, that our layers system is quite nice to work with.
You can create, edit and organize layers in a simple way, as you know it from other graphics editors.
Color tools
We've built a tool that helps with adjusting darker and lighter color variations.
Just select the brightness tool, pick the strength, and you're good to go.
Our users really like this one.
Numerous pixel-perfect tools.
There are tools that will help you with pixel-perfect editing.
Meet pixel-perfect pen mode. Smartly removes corners and doesn't ask questions.
Multiple documents editing support
Edit documents side to side, create multiple columns, rows. Float windows and tabs.
We don't know if you'll use it, but we've added it anyway.