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A beautiful, lightweight pixel-art editor packed in eye-friendly dark theme.

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Open source
Easy to use
Create, edit and organize layers
With our advanced layer system, you can easily organize, edit and work with layers. Delete, group, rename, merge and much more!
We know how important organization is, that's why we designed them, so you can easily locate your layers with live previews.
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Full RGBA + layer opacity transparency support
With layer opacity and color alpha, you can combine multiple transparency levels and work with them easily.
You can set individual pixels alpha, or apply whole layer using opacity.
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Numerous pixel-perfect tools.
Draw like a pro, using our pixel-perfect pen, which removes unnecessary pixels, so your artwork can be done faster and better.
Bucket, line, ellipse, rectangle, all ready for fast and flawless editing.
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Multiple documents editing support
Edit documents side to side, create multiple columns, rows. Float windows and tabs.
You can organize layout anyway you want, without disturbing your work.
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