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Universal 2D graphics platform - one to rule them all.

Are you tired of relying on expensive tool suites just to create different types of graphics?
Raster, vector, pixel art, animations, procedural art - PixiEditor 2.0 got you covered, for free.

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Install extensions to make PixiEditor truly yours.
We believe that a strong community is what makes software great and ensures its longevity.
And this is what the core of PixiEditor 2.0 is all about, extensions made by users, for users.
Version 2.0 will not be limited to any specific type of graphics, but will be a universal tool for all of them.
Installing and browsing extensions will be as easy as a single click.
A feature that was the most wanted. Finally here.
You'll be able to create any kind of animations. From simple frame-by-frame, to complex keyframe animations.
As extensible, as everything else.
Introducing Layer Nodes, our take on procedural art.
That's right, if you like to play around and connect some nodes, you'll find yourself at home.
Layer nodes will allow you to create procedural art, animations, vfx and whatever your imagination can come up with.
Infinite canvas mode
No more restrictions - create sprite atlases, artboards and use the canvas as a sandbox.
Why stop at sandbox, a whole desert!
Desert is kinda empty though, your canvas won't be, maybe forest then? There are a lot of things there, like frogs and trees.
Anyway, you get the point.

Receive newsletter with PixiEditor news, tutorials, tips and product releases.


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